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The Colonial™ Cider Mill


The Colonial™ Cider Mill is a double tub, hand operated cider press. This vintage cider press is designed to incorporate the best features from the many different presses manufactured in the late 1800’s. It is efficiently built, with two tubs, so two people can grind and press the apples at the same time. To make the grinding of the apples smooth, fast and easy, the crank handle includes a 3:1 gear ratio complimented by an 18 lb. flywheel. This press is built to process a large quantity of apples, and depending on the speed and endurance of the operators, you could expect to yield 60 to 80 gallons of cider in a given day.

Construction The press frame is 4″ x 4″ laminated hard maple construction for greater strength and durability. Laminated hard wood provides maximum strength and prevents the legs from twisting with age. The frame is also cross bolted for structural rigidity. All joints are dadoed for maximum strength. The pressing tubs are 12” tall and 14” in diameter. The staves on the tubs are beveled to increase the flow of cider, and for ease of cleaning. The 1.5” threaded acme screw is made from steel and passes through 3” of thread in the cast iron cross arm. The acme screw is supplied with a cast iron “foot” to distribute pressure on the heavy duty wood pressing plate. The grinder housing is made from cast iron. The grinding cylinder is laminated wood construction with 4 sets of stainless steel teeth embedded into the cylinder. The crank handle, gears, flywheel and bearings are all made from cast iron.

Made in the U.S.A.


  • 22” wide by 44” long by 38” high
  • Cast Iron Cross Arm is 17" long
  • Cast Iron Flywheel is 15" diameter
  • Threaded Acme Screw is 24" long
  • Shipping weight is about 200 lbs.